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Sensory images by Klasse 2D

by Corinna Gill

The GESM 2nd grade children worked intensively with their sensory organs. Here are some works from art class:

  • tactile pictures (sensory organ skin),

  • moving pictures to music (sensory organ ear),

  • Memory picture to smells and tastes (sense organ nose and tongue)


I think it's great to mix the colors, because it's always a surprise. It's a lot of fun to be creative and I'm always curious to see what comes out!


I can run my fingers along my painting. It all feels different. If I were blind, I would feel my picture very precisely.


I like to be creative with lots of different materials. I work really long hours to like it; that's what I love about art class.


When I smell corn, I know my grandma is cooking corn. That makes me happy because corn is my favorite food.

Bianca: "I like to perceive all this with my senses."

Bianca: "The smell of corn makes me feel good."

Freya: "Picture to the sounds of Carnival of the Animals."

Julia: "I can blindly feel the other pictures."

Julia: "I love the smell of flowers and horses."

Marie: "All of this is important to me."

Marie: "a musical picture"

Julia's tactile picture: "A blind person could feel my picture."


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