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Summer Concert of German Primary

by Torsten Herzog

Finally the time had come! After weeks of waiting for our summer concert this year, the children of the German Elementary School could prove that practicing and rehearsing the selected songs had been worth it!  

All the children were naturally very excited when their parents and classmates who had stayed at home logged on online to the 1st grade classroom. After some corrections and improvements had to be made during the dress rehearsal, everything was supposed to run "like clockwork" during the performance! And so it came!  

The song of the 4 seasons "I love the spring", which the children sang in 2 groups in canon, opened the program. Afterwards, Mrs. Czech, our elementary school principal, gave a short speech, where she also referred once again to the many extraordinary events of this past school year. 

A magic trick performed by our two 2nd graders Marie Dinges and Julia Erler now thrilled the children and the parents.

Now it was time for our 3 sea shanties and pirate songs that we learned during the spring seafaring theme. Orff percussion instruments reinforced the idea of a stormy journey across the sea. 

As a highlight of the celebration, Mrs. Czech, Mrs. Gill, Mrs. Barthel and Mr. Herzog presented certificates to the students of their classes for meritorious achievements. Of course, the children and parents were very happy about this! 

Afterwards, the song "Wenn der Sommer kommt" ("When summer comes") led us in our thoughts already into the summer vacations.  

With the thoughts of a better world, all children and teachers sang Ludwig van Beethoven's first verse of his fifth symphony "Ode to Joy" at the end of the celebration. - ALL people become brothers - a sign of peace and reflection in these difficult times in which we live! 


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