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Students Led Conference: Students' Voice and Choice in Action

by the English Primary Teaching Team

Last February 2, we welcomed our parents and students as we opened our classrooms for our Student-Led conference (SLC). SLC is an opportunity for students to share evidence of his/her work progress with his/her family members. They were also able to share their strengths, areas they would like to improve and goals for Term 2. In the process, students become the protagonist of their own learning as they take charge from start to finish presenting what they have learned all throughout Units 1, 2 and 3. SLC is an authentic way for parents and teachers to see the children's Research, Thinking, Communication, Social and Self-management skills in action. Well done to all our students and their teachers for preparing well for this SLC and to all our parents, thank you for gracing this significant occasion in your child's educational journey.


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