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"The Colors Challenge" - an exciting game in Grade 1

by Andreas Eggert | 5 March 2021

During the past unit, students of German in Grade 1 learned how to say the colors. To test what they remembered, we played a game called "The Colors Challenge".

Students were shown a page with many words of German colors. However, the goal was not to read the words themselves but to say the color of each word even though the word means a different color. Students were shown the attached video of me playing the game and then came the challenge:

"Students of grade 1, can you play the colors challenge in under one minute?"

It didn't take long before students started playing and we all had sooo much fun while reviewing the colors.

One of our amazing students even managed to play the game in a record-breaking 25 seconds and you can see this fabulous performance by Molly Murphy here:


Try the game for yourself and see if you can play along:


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