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The Shape of Germany

by Andreas Eggert | 8 November 2021

After two weeks of our Fall break, German in grade 3i got off to a great start as we completed a new and exciting project.

To implement the PYP principle of transdisciplinary learning and to familiarize all students with the shape of Germany, students of Grade 3 were shown the a map of "Deutschland" including its biggest cities Hamburg, Köln, Stuttgart, München and Berlin.

All DaF students were intrigued by the shape of Germany and noticed every little detail, even the little island in North Germany. Then I introduced our creative project with the following question:

"Kinder, can you draw the map of Germany on a piece of paper and add the most important cities? If you want you can also add the colors of the German flag. Are you ready?"

Students immediately said "Ja" and went about their task with enthusiasm and great creativity.

Shortly after, I received so many colorful maps of Germany and was amazed by how well our project went.

Enjoy looking at all the colorful maps of Germany, and don't forget to visit "Deutschland" yourself with your family whenever you get the chance.


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