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Words from the Student Council

on the current COVID-19 situation

Happy day to all of fellow students, staff, and parents! I am Billy Maxwell Wootton of the 11th grade, or IB-1, of our school, and I’m here to recognise the situation as a whole, at hand. I know that we all must be worried about how long this school closure and overall quarantine will last, although even with all of these worrisome thoughts in mind, we must remain positive!

Although the situation in the Philippines isn’t as bad as many other countries, that is by NO means an excuse to not be prepared or vigilant for if it escalates further. Always remain cautious and always remember to wash your hands thoroughly and whatnot! Follow guidelines to ensure the safety and good health of all of your loved ones.

Onto how on-line schooling is going for all of our students; the majority of the students really fancy the idea of online schooling, especially since they get to stay at home AND study; the best of both worlds. This is, though, going to last for until mid-April, at the very least, which is still quite a long way away, so cherish the opportunity to be able to both learn, and do so in the comfort of your own home! Situations like the one we are facing right now are by no means common, or even uncommon; they’re rare occurrences. Be motivated! Remain studious! Remember that when we all go back to school, we will still have to retain all the knowledge we had learned over the quarantine period.

Our teachers and staff are working very hard to ensure that all of us get the high quality of education that we deserve, and to emphasise it again, in the comfort of our own homes! Make use of this quarantine time; don’t count them as days off, as they aren’t. Treat these days as regular school days; even catch up with your friends online when you’re assigned breaks from your studious work. Your education and your studies NOW, even during the quarantine, will stay with you forever. Despite how detrimental this leave from school may be; I repeat, picture yourself at school, with your friends, studying and absorbing knowledge, just at the comfort of your own home!

We will all get through these hard times together. We will all continue to learn and absorb the knowledge that we need and deserve. We will all remain hard-working and happy, and I can guarantee that so long as we maintain a joyful, studious mindset!

Please take care and be safe, everyone. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, apply alcohol/sanitiser, and make sure to never touch your face when you had just touched another surface outside your home. The latter will cause a high risk of infection, and that’s obviously not what we want!

- Billy Maxwell Wootton (Grade 11, IB-1)


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