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An Amazing Speech in Deutsch

by Andreas Eggert

At this week's Virtual PYP Assembly, a student of grade 1I held an amazing speech. It was particularly amazing because the speech was completely in German even though the student only spoke little German at the beginning of the school year.

It is great to see how much not only this student, but all my DaF students of grades 1-5i, have learned this year. I am so proud of each of my German students in Primary School and I wish all students and their parents a restful summer break, hoping to see you again in August.

Would you like to watch the speech in German? Then just click below and enjoy!

Translation of Anju's Speech:

Good afternoon children and teachers,

My name is Anju, and I am seven years old.

I'm in Grade 1 and I'm from Japan.

I like skipping rope and painting.

I speak German, English and Japanese.

My favorite song is "Das kleine Küken pieps."

German is fun. I am happy and I want to learn more German!

I love playing with the animals and words in class.

In August I could not speak German. It was not easy, but now I can speak German. I can also watch videos in German.

German is very nice and I am happy.

Thank you children and teachers!


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