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Cebu 2020

by Trillian Gaile Galicia, GESM Grade 7-I

Every year, grades six to eight go on a trip to a place and do a variety of activities. You usually do not get to pick where to go, but this year, we were given different options on where we could go. I chose to go to Cebu.

I was the only person in my class who chose Cebu, everyone else chose to go to La Union on the surfing trip. In Cebu, we did a lot of different activities. We did wakeboarding, sky bike, sky drop, caving, zip lining, horse back riding, high ropes course and waterfall rappelling. It was all a lot of fun! We stayed at the Danasan Eco Adventure Park. Danasan was a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the Cebu airport.

The first day my group did the ropes course which was quite difficult. Most of the people in our group ended up falling. After that we went zip lining which was a lot of fun. After we went zip lining, we had to ride horses to get back to the main area. Every day, we had a team building activity in the afternoon.

The second day my group went caving which was not my favourite activity. I kept hitting my head on the rocks, but some people said my head is so hard that I would not damage it. Haha, very funny! After caving we did the sky bike and sky drop activities.

The third day we went to the waterfalls and went waterfall rappelling. After that we went wakeboarding which Miss Lisa was very good at. We also did bodysurfing.

During the trip we followed the GESM core values on multiple occasions. For example, we had to be responsible by taking care of ourselves and our things. We had to respect our schoolmate’s things and be respectful of others.

We had to show independence by relying on ourselves to be where we needed to be, our things, etc.

We showed integrity by doing all of the team working tasks and our activities without cheating and honestly. We were compassionate by helping each other out and encouraging each other to do whichever tasks we were hesitating on.

I would definitely recommend going there, it was quite the experience. If ever you have a chance to go there, you should! It was a great place.


FOR PARENTS: To download the complete set of photos, please click here.


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