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Big success with DSDI

by Martin Gabel with support from Volker Schlieske

The presentations of the 13 students on March 23 as part of this year's DSD1 oral exams were again extremely diverse and lively. Starting with a passionate presentation about Bavarian folk music, which even Franzl Lange (famous Austrian folk musician) would have been pleased about, the presentations dealt with topics ranging from travel, traffic, electric cars, gliding, horseback riding, bodybuilding to piercings and Esports. Some candidates took the comparison of Germany and the Philippines as their topic, so that many lively discussions arose in the exam. Everyone had chosen a topic according to his or her interest and worked out the presentation independently.

The German Language Diploma (DSD) of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) is the only school-based program of the Federal Republic of Germany for German as a foreign language abroad. The DSD1 already enables students in Germany to attend a Studienkolleg in preparation for studying at a German university, as it certifies language skills at B1 level.

This language exam is taken by all students from the 9th grade of the German and the international branch. With this 2nd examination day, all DSD 1 examinations have been completed. A total of 21 candidates took part, and we don't want to give too much away yet, but most of the oral exams were very successful, which is a particularly pleasing result, especially after the pandemic.

On March 9, the students have already taken the written exams of the DSD1 exam. At the beginning of the next school year we will receive the overall results of the exams from the KMK.

The exam was again professionally organized by our DaF coordinator, Mr. Volker Schlieske, with Mr. Gabel and Mr. Schlieske as exam chairmen and Mrs. Massow as another examiner besides Mr. Schlieske.


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