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Early Years' Exciting Week

by Rain Belarmino | 25 March 2021

Here's an account of our International Section Kindergarten's and Pre-Primary's funfilled week right before the Easter holidays:

Our week started by learning and listening to a story about Easter. Miss Sofia read “Bunny’s big surprise“ during reading time. Miss Christina Bartges did a wonderful representation to best describe Easter with the Kindergarten thru art & crafts during DAF. The children were tasked to paint a hen with chicks. Their work symbolizes new beginning and learning as the baby chicks grow with their mama hen. The Pre-Primary also made Jello representing the colors and flavors of spring.

Songs were introduced as well which surely made everybody dance! They also learned how to do the hand signs for the word BUNNY! As we celebrate Easter differently again this year, nothing stopped the Kindergarten & Pre-Primary children from experiencing today’s celebration fun and exciting. It was a mix of singing, dancing, hunting, and crafting online.

Together with the unending support and help from our class parents, this day turned out to a happy and meaningful event for our children and their families .🌼

🐰Weeks before this day, Easter painting kits were sent to all Early Years children. We requested the parents to keep them for a while. On the day of the event, the Easter moulds (eggs, bunnies & chicks) were asked to be hidden within the child’s learning area/room at home.

Our online Easter program started with some singing and a lot of hopping! We announced that there were hidden surprises inside their homes that needs to be found! The children were then asked to hunt for these moulds! They kept coming and coming and we can see the joy in their eyes that surely melted our hearts 🕵🏼‍♀️

After all the moulds were found, the children & their parents enjoyed painting them together. ♥️ 🐣🐰🥚


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