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Extended Essay, the scholarly journey begins...

by Veronika Garga

During Teacher Development day on Monday, February 4, Secondary and Diploma Programme (DP) teachers were able to participate in extended essay workshop conducted in our school.

Extended Essay (EE) is an integral part of the DP. It is a required core component (along with TOK and CAS) and if completed successfully, can give our graduates up to 3 additional points (bonus) towards their final DP diploma. Extended Essays highlight students individual research skills and requires them to work outside school hours on a topic of interest. The final product is a 4000-word essay submitted for external grading. EE is supposed to be a showcase of passion, dedication and ambition by our students.

To support our students in this monumental task, the GESM assigns a supervisor for each student to help and guide them in their areas of expertise. That is exactly why all the Extended Essay supervisors came together last Monday to discuss various strategies about guiding students and hone their skills with the common grading practices using examples of past extended essays.

We also reviewed EE topic proposals from our grade 11 students to set them on right track from the beginning. These are under review by us and will soon be formally communicated to all the students.

We are looking forward to the development of these exciting Extended Essay proposals and novel ideas from our DP students and to help them shape their Extended Essay, which requires our students to exhibit and enhance the GESM core values of integrity, responsibility and independence.

Each student will have to undertake independent research work and take the responsibility of meeting their supervisors and submit the work as per the deadline. All the students are also expected to uphold their integrity by avoiding any work collusion or plagiarism. Our students have been learning about referencing and citations during their Extended Essay lessons. More information can be found here.

Important dates to remember for Grade 11 students:

  • First draft and EE/RPPF first reflection due (~1000 words) --- 27th of March 2020

  • Second draft and EE/RPPF second reflection due due (~2000 words) --- 1st of May 2020

  • EE writing workshop --- 16th of May (Saturday)

  • Full draft of the essay (3700-4000 words) --- 12th of June 2020

  • Final submission of the EE & Viva Voce --- 4th of September 2020


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