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From Tetra Paks to Lanterns

by Katrin Hofmann

The little foxes of the German kindergarten came up with something very special for their lanterns this year. Their fox lanterns were to be made from Tetra Paks that they brought from home. The kindergarten is currently trying to breathe new life into old objects through creative ideas.

The first thing they had to do was peel off the foil so that they could paint the cardboard. This required a lot of tact and patience. Then, of course, the Tetra Pak had to be painted again to become a real fox! It was painted all around with orange paint. The face comes next and was folded out of paper. With finger paint, eyes and nose were painted on and glued to the cardboard. So that the lantern also shines beautifully, their teachers cut out small windows and the children could back them with transparent paper. Finally, a tail was painted on, cut out and glued on -- and the fox lantern was ready!

Before the big St. Martin's Day celebration, the lanterns were allowed to be tested in the group room. To lantern songs, the little foxes held their own procession in the room.

Then the time had finally come, and the children could proudly present their lanterns on St. Martin's Day.


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