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GESM Student LEAD Model UN Academy

by Jeffrey Troyer

For the third year running, the Rotary Club of Makati hosted a Model United Nations Academy recently. This Philippines Department of Education initiative drew students from high schools all over the country. Held over two consecutive days, extensive training session modules on how to be better MUN delegates were taught by GESM students.

The modules included topics such as the background/history of the UN and MUN, Research and Analysis, Writing Essentials, Committee Structure, Diplomacy and Negotiation as well as MUN Etiquette and Style. Day 2 also included a simulation to acclimate students to a real MUN conference. Essential committees like HRC (Human Rights Committee), ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) and UNSC (United Nations Security Council) were highlighted.

This worthwhile enterprise was led by MUN Secretary-General, Shagorika Kar (IB-2). Contributing module instructors also included the following IB-1 students: Jia Chiu, Navya Sharma, Hannah Seo, Reeja Subramanian, Cassandra Capinpin and Ayaana Singh. As a UNESCO affiliated school, we are pleased that these students have stepped up to continue our GESM mission to encourage local educational initiatives.

On the whole, the purpose of the event was to provide a sounder foundation of knowledge for MUN Assembly, now slated to return to the prestigious and elegant venue at the World Health Organization Headquarters here in Manila. To be held on February 17th and 18th next month, MUNA 2024 promises to be an exciting event for those involved. Skills such as mutual respect, diplomacy as well the subtleties of international diplomacy needed to handle the threats and challenges of currently evolving world crises are all promoted. We look forward to having GESM students tackle these issues along with other schools in the region in less than a month!


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