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Graduation 2024: How do you measure two years?

Updated: 6 days ago

by Stephanie Steinberg

The speeches at this year's graduation celebration focused on the concept of time.

The song “525,600 minutes – how do you measure a year?” from the musical RENT was slightly altered by homeroom teacher Mr. Torrejos to fit the two years of the IBDP/CP programme. The German Ambassador, Dr. Pfaffernoschke and, in his double-role of representative of the board and as parent, Dr. Hoschka referenced Mr. Franks opening speech that circled around the quote “the bad news is: time flies – the good news is you: are the pilot” while adding personal remarks and observations. Also, the student representatives, Aryan Sharma, Lara Bohn, Jacob Rosenberger focused on the past, present and future – complimented also by the artwork, exhibited in the back of the ballroom of the Acacia Hotel in Alabang.

The festive event with heartfelt gratitude and memories celebrated the certainty that a chapter of life has come to an end and that a new one is about to open. 21 graduates received their “Certificate of Secondary Education”, ten of these students also were acknowledged with the DSD II – the German proficiency level necessary to pursue tertiary education in Germany.

At the heart of the celebration was the appreciation of the GESM value-based education and the effort of teaching a rigorous academic programme that challenged everybody.

We hope that not all ties were cut, and that the new alumni and alumnae will stay in touch. We certainly would like to hear from you in the near and far future.


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