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Growing Our Own Food: Urban Gardening Community Project

by Viola Buck | 29 Jan 2021

We have a surprise for our children! 3 packs of seeds - Pechay, Mustard Green and Okra, will be arriving in selected students' homes* starting next week. We partnered with the Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Plant Industry to provide us free seedlings for our students to start urban gardening at home. We would like the children to learn the value of (1) growing their own food, (2) nurturing and looking after their plants and (3) share the excitement of the Science behind growing plants. Our request - no need to buy pots as we would like to encourage children to upcycle some empty plastic containers to use as their pots (please see photo below) but if you could, please help the children find gardening soil for their plants.

  • For International Primary - we will be using the "Houses of Primary International" channel in Teams to share ideas and guide the children in their urban gardening.

  • For Early Years International - your teachers will be guiding the children via your class channel in Teams.

Enjoy Planting!


*For our students abroad and outside Manila - for logistical reasons, we will not be able to send the seeds to your location. May we kindly request that you find whatever plant/seeds in your area that are best for your child to work on.


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