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Lightpainting - Colored brushes in the dark

by Rene Reiter

Have you ever wonder just what we can do with a light source, a dark room and a camera well we sure did and this is what we found:

During our class, we had the opportunity to engage in the fascinating art of light painting. Using flashlights with different colors, we created captivating images in a darkened environment. It was a unique and creative experience that allowed us to explore the artistic potential of light and color. Each color had its own distinct charm and mood, allowing us to experiment and explore different visual effects. It was truly mesmerizing to witness how the combination of these vibrant hues transformed our photographs into captivating works of art.

Light painting has fascinated artists since the late 1800s when photography was starting out. People like Étienne-Jules Marey played around with ways to capture light's movement using different methods and light sources. It got the attention of famous artists like Man Ray and Pablo Picasso, who thought it was pretty cool. Nowadays, with modern technology, light painting has gotten even cooler. Artists and photographers are always trying out new stuff with light to make awesome images that make you go "wow."

Engaging in light painting not only provided us with a fun and enjoyable experience but also encouraged us to think creatively and outside the box. It allowed us to experiment with different techniques and explore the possibilities of using light as a medium for artistic expression. By immersing ourselves in a darkened environment and experimenting with different colors and movements, we were able to tap into our imagination and showcase our individual artistic styles. Overall, the process of light painting was a memorable and rewarding experience that allowed us to appreciate the power of light and color in creating visually stunning images.


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