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Lights & Sounds at Grade 1E's PYP Assembly

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Assembly hosted by Grade 1E -- and featuring Klasse 1D! -- just concluded, marking the final assembly of the school year. This special event showcased the youngest stars of the primary school as they took us on a journey through the colorful and creative world of Lights and Sounds.

During the assembly, Grade 1E students shared their learnings from the 5th Transdisciplinary Theme, "How The World Works." They demonstrated how people utilize light and sound to communicate, unpacking complex concepts in an engaging and accessible way.

Held on Friday, May 10th, the assembly was a delightful blend of education and entertainment. Parents and attendees were treated to a vibrant display of creativity and knowledge, highlighting the students' growth and understanding over the course of the unit.

This assembly not only celebrated the students' hard work and achievements but also provided a glimpse into the innovative and dynamic learning environment fostered by the PYP.


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