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"Meraki" -- A Visual Arts Exhibition

IB Students Annika Weber, Marielle Lazan and Sarah Schneider will showcase their very own artworks in an exhibition entitled "Meraki" from March 2 to 3, 2020.

Curated by Visual Arts teacher Lisa Kossen, the exhibition is a display of the students' last assessment as required by the IBDP Visual Art. It will feature up to 10 works of each student, created in grades 11 and 12, which will include several paintings, drawings, sculptures and digital artworks.

The public opening will take place on Monday March 2nd at 8:00am in the Eurocampus Auditorium and will be facilitated by IB Coordinator Mr. Santanu Bhowmik and Ms. Kossen. After the opening, the three students will lead a walkthrough to talk more about their works and its intentions.

The exhibition will be accessible to the public until Tuesday 5:00pm. Everybody is invited to come and honor the student’s practical outcome of two years Visual Art HL classes.


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