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Nikolaustag at the Kindergarten

by Matthias Findorff

"Let us be glad and merry and rejoice right from the heart" (19th Century Folk Song)

On 06 December 2022 it was time again, St. Nicholas visited the German Kindergarten at the German School in Manila.

The children had already heard the story of St. Nicholas and his servant Ruprecht, talked about it and sang Christmas songs.

After the joint St. Nicholas breakfast, the time had finally come and St. Nicholas knocked loudly on the kindergarten door, the excitement of the children was now clearly noticeable.

Santa Claus came in and asked the children, "Have you been good?"

All the children nodded and looked at him with wide eyes, expectantly and at the same time in awe.

Then the presents were distributed by St. Nicholas to beaming children and the children were allowed to ask some more questions to St. Nicholas.


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