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October 25 Newsletter: Looking To The Future

Our newsletter came out last week!

On our main feature, the Students' Career Day activity entitled "Looking to the Future" was successfully organized with leading industry experts as guest speakers. There are updates from the Primary School Choir and department activities and a newsletter from the KIGA section as well.

The International Secondary newsletter is also in this issue containing the Secondary Assessment calendars and other updates. Our students are not only busy with their academic activities as they have recently been competing and winning at chess and gymnastics events. The GEB also released a very helpful guide entitled "Parenting in the Digital Age" which we highly recommend.

The highlight of this issue would be the school-wide Halloween activities and there are photos for you all to enjoy. Lastly, we are inviting everyone to The Saint Martin Celebration on November 11 and we hope to see you again this year.

If you missed receiving a copy, CLICK HERE here to view.

Thank you!


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