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Our little foxes discover Germany

by Christina Bärtges

The teachers of the German Kindergarten are pleased to report in this newsletter about happenings in the Kindergarten. During the whole school year, the children traveled to different continents and countries as part of our annual theme "A Journey Around the World". During the last 3 weeks, teachers and children intensively dealt with the home country of GESM - Germany.

We learned that Germany is a federal state and is made up of 16 federal states. Like the United Kingdom, which we visited before our trip to Germany, there are many castles and palaces in Germany. In Rhineland-Palatinate, we took a look at Eltz Castle. The largest port in Germany was marveled at in Hamburg. From there we went all the way to the north: first to the North Sea and then to the Baltic Sea. The island of Rügen, for example, is one of the largest islands in northern Germany. Furthermore, we learned that the longest river is the Rhine and the highest mountain is the Zugspitze. Lake Constance is the largest lake and borders Austria and Switzerland.

As a culinary conclusion of our trip through Germany.

Culinary we ended our trip through Germany with a delicious Kaiserschmarren. This was eaten up to the last crumb.

In order to review and repeat all the information about Germany in a different form, we will make a "Lapbook Germany" this week at the request of the children. In this activity, skills such as cutting, gluing and accurate folding are learned and practiced with the children.

Next week, the kindergarten will start the Easter workshop with lots of songs, stories and handicrafts around the theme of Easter and spring.

The kindergarten teachers are really looking forward to it.

With warm regards,

The KiGa team


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