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PYP teachers tackle "Agency"

by Viola Buck

It was a well-concluded two-day workshop as the whole Primary Years International teaching staff inquired and reflected on the Principles and Practices of the Enhanced Primary Years Program (PYP) with an explicit focus on "Agency" - providing learners the voice, the choice and ownership -  that will encourage active, inquiring learners to take responsibility for their own learning, with the guidance of an able and well-trained teacher (IBO 2018).

This learning engagement has been nothing short of insightful.  Ideas on how we could make teaching and learning more meaningful for our students were shared through collaboration. Together, we were able to put together an Action Plan that would help build a Culture of Taking Action in our school community with an emphasis on promoting the Learner profile and our school values of Independence and Responsibility.  With the energy and enthusiasm amongst our colleagues during the workshop, we look forward to implementing the Enhanced PYP for the coming academic year and provide meaningful learning experiences for our students - with parents and guardians as our partners in making this happen.


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