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Shared Stories and more: Career Day 2023

by Stephanie Steinberg

Entrepreneur - teacher – neurosurgeon – filmmaker – therapist – biochemist – pathologist – interior designer.

These are just a few career choices the G10-G12 students put forward in the opening of this year’s career day. When asked to rank 21st-century job skills, they value critical thinking and resilience higher than empathy and creativity. For suggestions on how to bridge the gap between job skills and an exam-driven curriculum, they mentioned: teaching adult life skills, offering more subjects, less essay writing, college survival skills, calculators and open book exams, job applications, and C.V. writing.

The last point was tapped into by two workshops offered later that morning: C.V. writing and building a LinkedIn profile.

By far the most important and inspirational parts of the day were offered by presentations of guest speakers who told about their careers and their recommendations for young people. Australian engineer and GESM board member Ryan Smith inspired with projects and a change from practical work into management. Engineer and consultant Frank Wienecke from Germany shared a multifaceted career story and encouraged students to pursue their passions. Mrs. Sarah McLeod from the influential Recruitment Company 2QHR solutions and the vice-chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce shared her wealth of knowledge and experience around recruitment and job demands in an ever-changing world.

The morning concluded with a presentation by Savannah College of Art and Design – strengthening our IBCP partnership.


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