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GESM bestows University Fair awards

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

by Shadin Kitma | 17 Dec 2020

Behind the masks and shields, it was all smiles.

The German European School Manila (GESM) bestowed Pasay City West High School (PCWHS) its well-deserved award -- a brand-new document camera -- earned by having the most number of student registrations and attendees at GESM's recently-held University Fair.

Present to accept the award was PCWHS Principal Mr. Peter R. Cannon Jr. as well as German teachers Jennelyn Bareng, Lillibeth dela Rosa, and Raquel May Basa.

The GESM held a day-long University Fair on November 27 which was free and open to all students. Around 400 would-be attendees from all over the Philippines registered for the online event, a good number of which were students of the PCWHS. The event featured presentations from dozens of universities around the world and had as its aim to support high school students and fresh graduates in making informed decisions about their higher education choices.

Coincidentally, the Fair's winning student -- the lone attendee to answer all 20 poll questions flashed throughout the duration of the event -- attends the PCWHS. Eleventh-grader Samantha Fuchs was also present to receive her prize: a distance learning package that includes a laptop computer, a headset and a mouse. Student and school also received an assortment of gifts from the GESM, including a Certificate of Awarding.

Principal Cannon vowed to make the most out of the document camera, a device that would support their faculty and staff in the conduct of distance teaching and their day-to-day administration of the school.

Samantha, with pointedly fewer words, expressed the same the sentiment about her new laptop and gear. She accepted her prize in quiet grace and despite the facemask she wore, beamed a smile visible through her eyes.

"Nowadays, it is rare to meet a student like Samantha, hardworking and dedicated to a fault." said Cannon of their student. "It is important that one does not only settle to complete and accomplish what they need and are asked to do, a student must also be proactive and go beyond what is expected to achieve their dreams."

Samantha Fuchs is a working student, juggling schooling and rendering domestic services to households to earn extra income for her family. Despite this extra load on her shoulders that most of her peers don't carry, she remains at the top of her class. She excels especially in her German lessons, which the PCWHS offers to select students as a result of a partnership with the Goethe-Institut, the German Cultural Center.

Asked what she plans to do after graduating, Samantha answered without hesitation: "Study in Germany."

With her excellent standing and work ethic, a new laptop might just be the extra push she needs to make it there.


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