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GESM honors IGCSE finishers of 2021

by Valerie Cornelissen | 17 September 2021

GESM is proud!

Last Monday, September 13, in an intimate setting, our exceptional IGCSE graduates got to celebrate their incredible accomplishment! Despite the challenges of online learning, they all dug deep and found the motivation to complete their International General Certificate of Secondary Education. We are all so very proud of them! This list of graduates is as follows:

Emme Burkard

Jillian Chatrath

Cassius Cornelissen

Altheo Glen

Timmy Lundqvist

Cassandre Masserey

Patricia Rivera

Sabrina Schreiber

So if any of you happen to chat with any of these lovely (currently) Grade 11 students, please make sure you remember to congratulate them!

The IGCSE is a complex series of English-based certificates which is the worlds’ most popular international qualification for 14 to 16-year-olds. This diploma level opens the door to higher education overseas and in the Philippines, preparing the students for other diplomas such as A-levels and the International Baccalaureate. Currently, at GESM, we offer the following subjects, some of which are mandatory (in blue) and others optional:

· English Language

· English Literature

· Mathematics (Higher Tier or Foundation)

· Double Awards Science (Combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

· German

· French

· Human Biology

· History

· Geography

· Economics

· Computer Science

· Music

· Visual Arts

Of the eight subjects chosen by each student by the end of Grade 8, a minimum of 6 needs to be passed to begin the IB Diploma Programme or Career-related Programme at GESM in Grades 11 and 12 (two of which MUST be English and Maths). Students begin to practice for this as soon as they enter grade 1, following the Cambridge Curriculum up to grade 8 and then pursue the Pearson Edexcel curriculum in grades 9 and 10.

Year after year, our teachers and students continue to yield excellent results. Once again, today, we would like everyone to recognize the fruit of our collective labour and how good our results are when we all work together! Thank you!


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