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Grade 3E and 4E's Philanthropic Venture Benefits School Staff

based on texts by Viola Buck

A group of compassionate young minds from Grade 3E and 4E at GESM came together to initiate a heartwarming project. Maxine, Manon, Leora, Adinda, Solenne, and Mia conceived the idea of selling food to passersby within the school premises to raise funds for charity.

With their entrepreneurial spirit, the students courageously pitched their proposal to the school's head, Mr. Christoph-Boris Frank, in his office. Their enthusiasm and well-thought-out plan earned them the approval they sought. Setting up a food stall in the campus lobby on June 21, the students began their charitable endeavor.

To spread the word, the ambitious young philanthropists sought support from their fellow peers in the Primary school. They collaborated on creating eye-catching posters to advertise their food stand, drawing attention from both students and faculty alike.

At the stall, the students offered a delectable assortment of treats, including donuts, pretzels, ice candy, stickers, and other small items. Taking on the responsibility of managing finances, the budding entrepreneurs diligently handled the accounting themselves. Through their efforts, they achieved an impressive gross income of PHP 7,735, with a total profit of PHP 5,651.

Inspired by their classmates' selflessness, the entire Grade 3E class decided to contribute the remainder of their class fund, previously raised during the Christmas bazaar, to further support their cause. With their increased resources, they purchased essential goods to create food hampers for the school cleaners, security guards, and maintenance staff.

On the last day of school, June 27, the students joyfully invited the staff members into their classrooms. They warmly presented the food hampers filled with bread, rice, canned goods, and other items, expressing their gratitude for the tireless efforts of these unsung heroes.

This project not only demonstrated the initiative and compassion of these young students, but also fostered a sense of community and empathy within the school. The lasting impact of their philanthropic venture will inspire future generations to create positive change in their own unique ways.


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