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"How to survive and not go crazy" and other Quarantine Ideas

by Hannah Gunia & Joshua Hutchinson, Grade 10-I

The consequence of forced quarantine is not just the lack of lessons and exams at school. For 3 months we have not been able to be with our friends, talk to them, laugh together or do various crazy things. (That's what youth is all about ...)

Instead, we sit at home and do the same thing day after day. Some of us are able to bear this time better, others however aren’t the best with dealing with it. However, we are all suffering from being apart from our friends.

During the German class with Ms Komicz we talked once about being a group, sticking together and caring for each other. The German word: “der Zusammenhalt” (solidarity, team spirit) We also talked about quarantine and how it is possible to be together even though all of us are sitting at home currently locked.

Ms Komicz proposed an idea that requires a lot of brainstorming about different ways of team spirit despite quarantine. Among the various ideas, we chose three that we thought would be not only interesting but also possible to do during quarantine: 1) Cooking and Baking 2) How to survive and not go crazy 3) Games

These projects are about us and for us. We decide what we do or what we write. Each project has a channel on Teams with a host, who organizes the group, inspires and encourages cooperation. We can post our content, share ideas and collaborate with those who are interested.

Although the idea was born in a German class, it is possible to use any language to have the opportunity to express yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

In those collaborative projects, we students can interact with other students by producing and creating various types of content to share and connect such as sharing recipes, memes, pictures, making videos or play games.


I’m Joshua Hutchinson and I am the host of the "How to survive and not go crazy” channel where I can edit and post videos of myself showing people what I'm up to during quarantine. I wanted to manage this channel because I'm currently in Australia this quarantine and I thought it would be interesting to see how the lockdown is in a different country. I film myself doing things such as taking a trip to the quarantined grocery store or taking a walk in the quiet city. I was able to show people the difference in atmosphere and the environment here. I had a fun time filming and editing the videos and I encouraged some channel members to upload their own content as well! It is a really fun project to take part in during the times at home and I am glad that my channel members enjoy it!


I’m Hannah Gunia and I am in charge of the “cooking & baking” channel. The team was created for those who are interested in the theme and food in general. I personally love to bake and cook and is my favorite past time. Being able to host this channel give me an opportunity to collaborate with those interested and share different interesting recipes, It’s a great way to learn different types of dishes too. In the channel we are able to share how to make cinnamon rolls, short bread cookies, pasta, chocolate chip cookies and many more! I really enjoy being able to host this channel and given the chance to create and learn new recipes during this quarantine.

Since we not only have friends in our group, we also invited students from 10d, 9d and 9i. In this way we want to stay in contact with them and survive this quarantine together. Our channels will be open even during the summer break and we hope that we can stay in touch.


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