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IB Sessions on Study Habits and Techniques

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The IB students at GESM participated in two sessions on study habits and techniques. The sessions involved students reading the following articles in different groups and discuss how these can be applied to their life:

After their discussion, each group shared what they learned and understood with the other groups. The session begun by exploring the existing study habits, total number of study hours devoted in a week and then look at the total number of available days left for the Mock and the IBDP final examination. This was an eye opener to many and expressions like “this is real…god” , “can’t believe so little time left…”, “I study so less, god……what do I do..”

The sessions ended with students trying to create a study plan with the standard planning sheet given to them. Hopefully all the students will reflect on their learning and adopt good study habits and techniques. Our grade 12 students have very little time left for their Mock examination (starting on 16th March) and the final IBDP examination (starting on 4th May) , it seems that ‘self-management’ and ‘good study habits & techniques’ are the only two best friends left!


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