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Informing and Debating on German Unity Day

by Ute Massow

On October 6, 2023, students, teaching staff, and the German Ambassador Dr. Michael Andreas Pfaffernoschke gathered to celebrate, understand, and further explore German culture and language on the occasion of German Unity Day.

After a welcome in the auditorium by the school principal and the ambassador, set against a musical backdrop, the focus was on gaining exciting insights into Germany, its division, and reunification. In the form of a rally, the students had the opportunity to learn about the diversity of Germany and collect points for their houses.

They discovered the 16 federal states and their capitals. They learned about Germany's moving history from post-war times to the peaceful reunification in 1990. Additional exhibition boards provided more information to the students about significant German personalities and typical German dishes. Another entertaining board showcased German idiomatic expressions related to colors, contributing to our "truECOlors" project. Students created films on the topic "Life in East and West" as well as a visually rich documentation about graffiti on the Berlin Wall.

During the event, an engaging debate led by Mr. Frank took place, where the German ambassador and students discussed the topic "World Crises - Are We in a New Cold War?" This discussion prompted thoughtful reflections and led to interesting viewpoints and exchanges of opinions. In line with the philosophy of a Eurocampus, students from the French Lycée français de Manille also participated in the discussion.

In addition to the wealth of information, there was also a lot of fun, including classic German children's games and collaborative painting in the colors of black, red, and gold.

The celebration of German Unity Day at the German School Manila was a successful event that combined education and entertainment. It emphasized the significance of this historical day and provided an opportunity for reflection on current global affairs.


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