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Karneval: A Colorful Celebration at GESM

On Friday, February 9, GESM celebrated Karneval with exuberance! Children dressed in colorful costumes, joining a lively Polonaise around the campus. This year, the school collaborated with Lycée Français de Manille (LFM), adding an international touch to the festivities. Parents enthusiastically participated, bringing delicious food and enhancing the joyous atmosphere. The "Carnival of the Animals" theme inspired a delightful array of costumes, ranging from fierce predators to charming creatures. The Polonaise, a spirited dance through the school grounds, became a highlight, showcasing unity and exuberance. The collaboration with Lycée Français de Manille added an international flair, fostering cultural exchange among students. Parents' active involvement, especially in providing delicious food, transformed the event into a memorable and inclusive celebration. In summary, this year's Karneval at the German School in Manila was a vibrant, international, and inclusive celebration, blending creative costumes, lively dances, and the warmth of community participation.


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