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Makati – a city with two faces

by Ute Massow

Makati, a bustling district of Metro Manila, is not only characterized by skyscrapers and shopping centers but also by an invisible population – the street children. Amidst the hustle and bustle and prosperity, the Virlanie Foundation exists, an organization that has been making a significant contribution to changing the lives of these children for decades.

The mission of Virlanie is to improve the lives of vulnerable children in the Philippines by meeting basic needs and providing education, medical care, and psychosocial support simultaneously. The organization also advocates for the reintegration of children into their communities to effect sustainable change.

This was evident when student and teacher representatives visited two houses of the Virlanie Foundation on December 8, 2023, to personally hand over the donations from this year's campaign. Despite an overall positive impression, many issues became apparent: limited resources, social stigmatization, and the need for broader societal awareness on both local and international levels. A task that we should continue to pursue in the spirit of "sustainability" in 2024.


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