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Making Waves: 24-Hour Swim Marathon 2024

In an aquatic spectacle that echoed laughter, determination, and community spirit, the German European School Manila (GESM) recently concluded its 24-Hour Swim Marathon on January 18-19, leaving a splash-tastic mark on the school's calendar.

The GESM community not only survived but thrived, breaking last year's lap count record with an awe-inspiring 7265 laps in 24 hours – truly making waves!

The event saw students of all ages immersing themselves in the challenge, most of whom from Grade 4 and up even choosing to stay overnight on campus. As the clock ticked away, swimmers dove into the pool in the wee hours, demonstrating their resilience and commitment to the cause. Those who opted for a good night's sleep were not left out, as teachers organized engaging side activities, including a spirited football tournament, keeping the atmosphere lively and inclusive.

The GESM community extended its reach beyond its own borders, welcoming friends from Lycée Français de Manille (LFM), who added their enthusiasm and energy to the event. The collective effort of students, colleagues, parents, and friends contributed to the success of the marathon, creating an atmosphere filled with positivity and determination.

The 24-Hour Swim Marathon was not just about breaking records and challenging physical limits; it was also a heartfelt initiative to make a difference. Participants and supporters generously pledged donations, with the event looking to raise an astonishing PHP 270,000 for charity – and the contributions are still pouring in.

The chosen beneficiaries, Children of the Dump Manila, are set to receive significant support, showcasing the power of a united community rallying behind a noble cause.

As the ripples of the 24-Hour Swim Marathon begin to fade, the GESM community stands proud, not only for the physical feats achieved but for the impact they've made on the lives of others. This event exemplifies the strength that comes when a community comes together, making waves of change that extend far beyond the edges of the swimming pool.


Special thanks go to Super Mom's Pizza - Parañaque for the food, Härle Philippines for refreshments, DJ Badkiss for her performance in the evening, Mr. Florian Simmelbauer for masterminding the whole thing, and all the other parents, students, friends, and teachers who supported the event!


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