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Maria and Isabella's Report on the visit to Dresden

On Tuesday, we had a day trip together with our guest siblings. We went to Dresden. At 8:00 am, we met at the school and took a bus from there. During the trip we talked, sang and laughed a lot. We also tried to teach our host siblings some words in Tagalog, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish and played games together. In Dresden, first, we went for a walk and then we took a city tour where we saw many beautiful monuments and buildings. After visiting the famous church, the Frauenkirche, we had two hours free time. First, we ate something together with Bella, Kai and Joshua and then we went to a shopping mall. On the way back we got lost and had to run all the way, so we didn't get too late to the meeting point with the others. We all liked this trip very much!


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