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Palarong Pinoy returns!

For the first time since 2019, Palarong Pinoy returns to the Eurocampus!

On February 22, students of both GESM and LFM gathered at the Sports Field and took turns playing traditional Filipino games for children. They included tumbang preso, karera ng sako, ten-twenty, patintero, chinese garter, holens, and other outdoor games that are very much known and beloved in the Philippines.

Before the games, the children were also treated to a demonstration of arnis, a traditional Filipino martial art. Parents from both schools volunteered to help during the event, and brought Filipino food for everyone to try. Some students were daring enough to try the notorious balut, or boiled fertilized duck egg; while some tried the strong-smelling fruit durian!

Through this event, the Eurocampus community aims to foster among the students an appreciation of Filipino culture and traditions.


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