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PYP Evaluation Visit 2024

by Viola Buck

Last May 29th to 31st, Five international educators visited our school to assess/evaluate how we are implementing the IB Programmes.  The PYP Team which consists of our English Early Years and English Primary Sections - from students, parents, teachers, management and the Board, were interviewed by the Evaluating Team to assess how effectively we are implementing the Primary Years Programme (the PYP).   The IB Evaluating Team shared their feedback with all our teachers last Friday afternoon, and I don't think we've had the time to "digest" the results, as it was already the end of a busy week. True enough, it's a celebration of everyone's hard work!


Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone's contribution to this year's IB Evaluation Visit.  Below are some of the highlights shared by the Evaluating Team:


  • Multiple strengths were highlighted, including an amazingly diverse community where everyone feels safe and valued. As observed by the Visiting Team, our teachers evidently used student-centred approaches to make learning engaging in their classrooms. They also gave emphasis on the strong processes and systems in place to support learning. These are only some of the many strengths they mentioned and will be published in our 2024 School Report.


  • The IB Team shared some areas for further development, and we appreciate and welcome them as we see them enhancing the systems and processes, we already have in place. The ultimate goal is to keep the best interest of our students in mind.


The IB Evaluation Team saw commitment and passion not only in our teachers but in our Management, Board and Parents as well.  It was a surprise for the Visiting Team to see how we truly are a close-knit school community where all children feel confident in expressing their thoughts and opinions.


 The reflective and insightful feedback we receive will be instrumental in helping us enhance our practices, ensuring that we provide the best possible education for our students.  The IB will publish the GESM School Report in 9 to 12 weeks' time, and they will send us a copy.   Our next Evaluation Visit will be year 2028-2029.  Between 2029 and now, we will continue to study areas where we can enhance student learning.


I am proud of what our school has accomplished and the systems we have improved over the years to provide the best education for our students.


Thank you again for your valuable support, and let's continue to strive for the best for our amazing students!


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