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Remembrance Day

This weekend commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War and last Friday morning, the Eurocampus played host to a poignant event involving senior students from GESM and LFM in the presence of His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Gordon Kricke of Germany and His Excellency Ambassador Nicolas Galey of France.

The event took place in the middle of the school field with the Ambassadors and Heads of School sat surrounded by 12 stars representing the European Union, whilst students sat in lines emanating from the centre like rays from the sun. This creative setting then lent itself to speeches from both Ambassadors who focused on the peace that we now enjoy and the necessity to keep this at the forefront of our minds as we live together each seeking the same end.

Selected students then read poems and letters from the combatants in the First World War in remembrance of their sacrifice. To close the ceremony students released four doves of peace into the sky above us.

This was a significant event in the life of our Eurocampus community and one which will remain in our memory for some time.


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