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Students' Presentations About Animals

by Grisela Ruiz-Marti | 15 Jan 2021

As part as our topic “Living things in their environment” students did some research on how animals and plants are adapted to their habitat. Students were encouraged to choose animals and plants from the Philippines to understand the amazing biodiversity of this country. 6i Students described the habitats and explained how these animals and plants have adapted some of their features to be able to live in their environment.

We'd like to share you their presentations here!

The Philippine Eagle Adam Buck 6i
Download PPTX • 2.28MB
Philippine Tarsier - Paige Garcia 6i
Download PPT • 13.71MB
Mountain goats. Paul Murphy 6i
Download PPTX • 3.82MB
Philippine Eagle & Durian Trees
. By Dani
Download BY DANI • 4.60MB
The Dugong.Vivaan Singh 6i
Download PPTX • 238KB


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