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Featured Student Work: "The Mysterious Case of the President’s Assassination"

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

story by Adam Buck, 6i | posted 18 Dec 2020

There has been a murder in the White House. The President has been assassinated. Was it the Russians? The Chinese? No one knows until a cocky and a bit immature, but New York’s finest Detective Jake Peralta jumps In.

It all began when The early morning sun pierced the curtains of the white house dining room and revealed the tragedy of the president slumped on the table surrounded by his own life essence. His Blood.

Jake Peralta A cocky and immature but Talented NYPD detective who is stationed in Brooklyn, New York 99th precinct. Their old captain has recently resigned, and a new strict captain Raymond holt took over

Jake has been working at the 99th Precinct for at least 8 years. Before Raymond Holt took over as captain at the Nine-Nine, Jake enjoyed the old Captain McGinley. Captain McGinley would allow him to get away with anything while on the job. Once he had a fire extinguisher race where they sit on a chair and let the extinguisher push them And Captain McGinley did not care.

Peralta was working on a drug case with his best man Charles Boyle for about a year. He has recently got a new lead on someone named Doug Judy a mad man with a kill count of 12 people. They got intel that he lives in a sketchy abandoned apartment building armed with guns you never heard of and who knows how many people there are in that building. Jake Peralta then cracks his signature but immature joke about the situation which caught sergeant Jeffords attention. Sergeant Jeffords, A Buff and unyielding father of 2 twins but do not let the muscles and buffness distract you. He is a soft guy in the inside after the birth of his twins. And he hasn’t touched a gun since. Now, shouldn’t you be working on the case now! Sergeant Jeffords yelled angrily which made Jake Peralta and his best man Charles ran out of the room with their tail between their legs.

It was about time We catch that Guy Jake said and Charles nodding uncontrollably but they needed a plan. So, how about we bring swat team? Said Jake to Charles. Sure, and we can use the Minivan going there! Said Charles. No Charles, No Not at all we will use the bad boy truck a swat team tactical Unit Heavy Truck equipped with a Bulletproof body and guns mounted on top. So Jake Peralta And Charles Boyle went on about their plan and got on to it, They called SWAT team and deployed several units outside the Suspects apartment there were about a dozen police officers in a dark blue special suit equipped with vests and assault rifles which make them look aggressive and ready for breaching in the apartment. The suspect is living in apartment 23 on the second floor said captain Raymond Holt. Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle ran towards the police officers with their vests and gave them the command to breach

Swat Team began to batter down the door with a battering ram a couple of times until the door flew open. NYPD HANDS IN THE AIR! Yelled the officers which they found the man they were looking for Doug Judy and a aggressive pit bull next to him Doug Judy put up a fight against the officers but was outnumbered and didn’t stand a chance against the law enforcement. Jake peralta proceeded to arrest him and put him where he belongs. To Jail.

Its 7:30 pm and the whole team decided to call it a day at the precinct but didn’t call it a day to celebrating Jakes arrest of Doug Judy.. His Friends Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz and sergeant Terry Jeffords were there to congratulate him on his arrest. After that long day they all went to sleep not knowing they would wake up to something horrible the next day.

Jake Peralta woke up to someone screaming out on the streets. He get out of his bed and looked out the window and could not believe what he is seeing. He then rushed to his patrol car and drove to the Police precinct where he works. He starts to see papers on the floor spilled drinks on tables everyone stressed and rushing to one place to another. Jake ran to sergeant Jeffords, what in the world is going on Sergeant?! The President has been assassinated Jeffords said. Jake Laughed, are you joking? No Peralta I am not and there is nothing to be laughing about. Jake Peralta starts to realize that Jeffords is not joking. Captain Holt is talking to 3 men in black in his office who then comes running straight to Jeffords and Peralta

Jake Peralta You need to come with us immediately and we will discuss what is happening en route.

Peralta sat in a big blacked out SUV with red and blue lights flashing on each side, 2 Big men sat next to him on each side like bodyguards. It felt Almost like an action movie. The highway was clear, the car was going above 90 miles per hour (MPH) as well as the other 2 cars beside them. And Sounds of a chopper flew by them.

What is going on?!. Jake peralta said as he was munching on some MNM chocolates. Mr. Peralta, The US President has been assassinated, Madam Secretary called for you. Jake Peralta was in shock; Sergeant Jeffords was not joking. Am I a suspect? why am I in this car Jake was thinking, Am I going to go to jail? I am too young to go to jail, my parents are going to freak! Jake Peralta was racing in his mind. Until the SUV was approaching a driveway with big metal gates and barbed wires. Behind the gates was a big US Military base with policemen almost everywhere and big black trucks with SWAT on it on each side of the base. Jake peralta got out of the car and there came An old woman with a suit and briefcase came to greet him; Good Morning Detective Peralta, As you may know by now the president has been assassinated and you are here to find out who did it.

Me? Jake Peralta asked while looking surprised, I’m sorry but I think you have the wrong guy. Said peralta. Detective Jake Peralta Son of a father who works as an airline pilot and divorced mum who works at chucky cheese for 6 years and you bought 2 nerf guns last month and 2 CD’s on die hard 1 and 2 as well as kids Disney membership for micky mouse? Is this you Mr. Peralta? Okay yes fine that is me although that mickey mouse membership was worth it! Detective this is a serious discussion, the president is dead. Jake Peralta nodded and went inside a big room with guns and maps and hundreds of guards.

They sat in a quiet interrogation room where they discussed what happened. The president was shot in his family dining room through a window behind him... The individual that shot him apparently wasted 2 shots until the third bullet hit him in the spine. There were only 4 people in that room in the exact time that happened. And 2 were guards and the other 2 were a chef and butler...

Jake Peralta interrupted and asked What type was the bullet that was shot? And do you know what gun was used?

Well, Autopsy shows a .70 Calibre bullet was shot but we do not know the Type of gun used.

Jake peralta Immedialtly stood up and told them to lead him to the scene

He went back to the big black SUV and went to the white house where the incident happened.

Detective Peralta you are now in charge of every operation and command to help you solved this case. Madam seceratary said while giving jake peralta a Special phone to call her and the mlataray when needed.

Thank you ma’am, said jake peralta . Now I want everyone to start questioning people and look at cctv footage of every building around a 30 mile radius of the white house Now. Jake said

He walked in to the white house where the four suspects were that were in the room of the president when he was assassinated

The suspects have been questioned by a woman by the name of Anne Rotherham. The four suspects are clear we looked at the footage by CCTV they do not look suspicious and haven’t been anywhere but the white house so they are done. Said the woman

There was 2 holes on the wall and one on the window which indicates 3 bullets were shot which was intended to hit the president

It took a while with Jake and Anne Rotherham to discuss the situation until a man barged in and asked for Jake Peralta. DETECTIVE COMEOUTSIDE NOW!

Jake ran outside to finally hear they got something. An old man who owns a shop that is under an apartment building told them that a man in a black shirt and black leggings with a big bag ran into the apartment building a few minutes before he heard shots.

GREAT! Peralta said in excitement Now all we need to do is check the CCTV Cameras and once we find our suspect, we question him... It took them hours of reviewing footage around the building until they saw the suspect enter room 35 on the 8th floor of the apartment building then exit the room 10 mins after the shots were fired. Jake Peralta knew that even if he left longer than he expected He should still call in a raid and bring the suspect into questioning. So that is what he did. Once again Trucks and big SUV’s are outside the apartment building and Multiple Officers wearing bullet resistant vests are ready to barge in the door. They were all just waiting for Jake Peralta who is late, about 15 minutes had passed and Jake arrived and gave the go for the raid. They first put a very small camera under the door to see if the suspect was there, and he was, he was sitting on a table drinking hat seems to be coca cola or whiskey. If the suspect is there they can go for raid. And it happened, they rammed into the door with a battering ram and the door flew open, the suspect fell of his chair while officers were screaming “GET ON THE GROUND, GET ON THE GROUND, NYPD! HANDS ON YOUR BACK” the suspect was put in handcuffs and brought into a car which drove him to the CIA base where they questioned the suspect whose name is Armando Miguel caramel, he says the things that were in his bag was a laser some red Nike shoes and a bottle of water, and he was right during the raid police found the duffel bag that was described by the old man in the shop and had a bottle a laser and shoes.

How could it be not him?! Jake peralta said. Well you got the wrong guy said the suspect as he leaves the room

But Jake peralta remembered something at the old man shop... another guy wearing the same outfit as their suspect was in the back of the shop was peeking through the shops back room. That Could be him! Jake thought as he told this to Anne Rotherham. He and Anne quickly ran back into the car and drove back to the old man’s shop with a few other officers with them for protection.

Once they arrived, they went into the shop and the old man greeted them. When we were last here, I saw a man in black at the back of your room. Do you know who is there? A boy in my room? Asked the old man. Yes, sir do you know him? No, I do not! Please Check who is there! Jake peralta and Anne as well as their officers walked quietly to the door in the back room. The door is locked, I will kick it down and you go in! Jake peralta said. In no time, Jake kicked the door down, Anne barged in as well as the other two officers. They searched around for the suspect and saw a sniper gun that was supposedly used in the assassination. HES THERE! Shouted Jake while pointing at a table.

The suspect rapidly sprinted out the back door into an old orange and black muscle car

Jake and the officers also ran to their Ford Black Sedan with blinding Flashing lights and aggressive looks

The suspect leads the officers and detectives to a high-speed chase! They were going up to 110 Miles per hour! The suspect takes dangerous sharp and fast turns on the corners of roads almost leading the detectives to crash into another car, the speed starts getting faster, the pressure is higher The officers take Another dangerous turn their tires squeal loud like pigs and.. they crashed. The windows shattered, the hood crumpled, the airbags flew to their faces. Jake and the officers are bruised and bleeding. Anne has burns on her hand from the airbag. Jake has bruises all over his hand from the steering wheel but the officers in the back seat only suffered mild injuries.

Ambulance and fire trucks rushed to the scene where they met Jake climbing out of the car with a traumatized shock on his face as he walks slowly and collapses to the ground.

Jake wakes up in a white room which looks like a hospital. He is greeted by a nurse carrying his breakfast. What happened? Jake asked. Sir you have been in a terrible car crash, you have cuts and bruises on your hands and face, you might have to stay here for a about a month. A MONTH?! I cannot do that! I have a case to be working on right now! This is enough I’m going to go outside now! No, sir you cannot go outside, we will see what we can do about the timings.

The nurse left the room and Jake sat all by himself watching the football game of Aston Villa Vs Liverpool with Aston villa winning 7-2. This is amusing Jake thought.

Meanwhile, Anne and the other officers are in the same hospital recovering.

Its been about 2 weeks oh healing, eating, and sleeping for Jake peralta when he decided that he is healed enough. Its thanksgiving so he is heading to a party with his friends.

He checks out at the hospital receptionist and hops in his Aston martin convertible coupe

Where he drives to his friends’ house. They all surprised him with confetti and a banner that’s says, “welcome back!” Anne Rotherham was there too! She quickly healed but still has some marks from the crash. They all had a laugh and drinks while Jake Peralta tells them stories of the Man in a scooby doo suit on the street with a baseball bat.

They had fun until they noticed it was already Midnight.

Jake Peralta decided its enough for him and said his goodbyes to everyone and hopped back into his Car almost half drunk.

He cruised down the highway and went downtown. Where he then saw something familiar. Something very familiar, a orange and black muscle car at the side of the road. Then, He remembered, IT’S THE SUSPECTS CAR! He then sees the exact suspect hop outside the car. Jake Peralta quickly grabs his gun and badge as he calls for backup on his phone

Jake Hops out of his car and the suspect saw him! The suspect pulls out a gun from his pocket

And shot multiple rounds. Jake took cover by a wall in an alley as he gets a response that backup is coming right away. Jake leaned and shot multiple times as well. Jake Knew that he had to move to a different spot because he has less cover. Jake Peralta Bravely towards a car but he got shot in the shoulder! He fell on the ground with agony. He slowly crawled to a car next to him. Jake stood back up and shot once more.

The suspect ran out of ammo and sprinted away; Jake followed him. The suspect ran into a dead end. THE PRESIDENT DESERVED IT! YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME! The suspect said as he started to run towards Jake.

Jake ran towards the suspect as well and Jake tackles him to the ground down as the suspect puts up a fight. Backup finally arrives and was able to arrest him.

Jake sat on the ambulance while the doctor stitched him up. His colleagues were all there such Sergeant Jeffords and Charles boyle to congratulate him on the arrest and comfort him after being shot.

The suspect was then brought to court the next day and was proven Guilty by the jury and was given a death penalty of lethal injection.

Meanwhile, Jake peralta was given the Medal of Honour by the vice president for bravely going for a dangerous suspect while been shot.

While the suspect was lying on the death penalty bed his lasts words were “You caught me, But you didn’t catch him”


Photo by kat wilcox from Pexels


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