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#WalangPasok: GESM's School Closure Policy

This is a copy of the School Closure Policy sent out to all parents on 8 September 2023. The document can be accessed on our website at

General Information on our school closure policy School Year 2023/24

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is our utmost priority. In the event of severe weather conditions or other natural incidents that could compromise safety, the school may implement closure or delay procedures.

We follow guidelines set by local authorities and make decisions based on real-time assessments of the situation.

Please take your time to familiarize yourself with the policy outlined below.

School closure Policy for the GESM school community

The following school closure policy was changed after we succeeded to implement our distant learning program in 2019/20, providing online lessons in all said cases as listed below.

Power failure or interruption of the internet service might occur during bad weather conditions. Therefore, we must make our students and families aware of possible interruptions.

Please be aware that GESM management is depending on the very same sources of information and needs to follow all local rules and regulations. Decisions on what is to be done is therefore defined by the local authorities.

1. School closure policy in regard of typhoon and flood warnings

GESM follow the DepEd guidelines and procedures with regards to typhoon and flood warnings and the official announcements of the Mayor of Parañaque.

  1. With a typhoon signal number 1, lessons are provided online via Teams/Zoom for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary only. All other lessons are held in school. Teachers and staff report to work on campus.

  2. With a typhoon signal number 2 or 3, lessons are provided online via Teams/Zoom, only. Teachers work from home.

  3. With a heavy rainfall advisory of Orange or Red, lessons are provided online via Teams/Zoom, only.

1.1 Localized Cancellation/Suspension of Classes and Work

In the absence of typhoon signal warnings or heavy rain fall advisory from PAGASA, localized cancellation/suspension of classes in both public and private schools and work in government offices may be implemented by the President, the Department of Education and the Mayor of Paranaque City in his capacity as chairperson of the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (LDRRMC).

Please be aware, these announcements distinguish between public and private schools, while we follow only if the decision specifically includes private schools / entities as well.

1.2 Responsibilities

It is the parent’s and the staff responsibility to check announcements on the day of the event regarding typhoon and flood warnings and taking an informed and responsible decision. The basis of almost all information is the PAGASA page:

2. Local conditions at parents' / staff residences

Occasionally, local conditions at the parent’s / staff residences may indicate the need for a different and independent decision. In this case, the final decision will be that of the parents and the staff. In both cases, school management needs to be informed in writing in time before the first lesson.

3. Communication with GESM

GESM respects and follows official announcements. Upon those the school secretariat will inform you according to the official announcements by notification via SMS, or website and through our GESM Facebook page.

However, notification via SMS and social media are not always 100% reliable, so if you don’t receive an SMS or any other notification but are aware of the signal warning or colour code, please follow the guidelines in a.) b.) and c.)

3.1 Supervision of children

In case of students arriving in school besides the cancellation of classes, the school will take care of the student:

  • By accommodating the students in school

  • Informing the student’s parents/guardian

  • Seeking clarification about an early pick-up/pick-up time

  • Assigning a workspace in his or any other suitable classroom or library to join online classes until pick - up time.

Chr.-B. Frank, Headmaster

Manila, August 1, 2023


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